The Bronx is home to resilient people who survived the disinvestment and abandonment of government, finance, and real estate and launched their own efforts to transform the Bronx into an affordable, thriving borough against these odds. These same forces are now making major investments in the Bronx while advancing an agenda that displaces local residents. The tools used today to wage structural violence on local communities of color are rooted in myriad historical practices, including: an increased police presence, the criminalization of young people, disinvestment in public schools, escalation of deportation efforts, tenant harassment by landlords, and the invalidation of local culture, in order to make room for more affluent, often white, communities. Today, these tools assume the forms of community rezoning and development projects that fail to reflect the best interests of local residents and small businesses and threaten their displacement.


We believe that local stakeholders, including community groups, schools, businesses, elected officials, and faith institutions have a responsibility to protect our local communities and to advance a comprehensive vision that includes the Bronx being an affordable place to live for all.