While discussing the breadth of ongoing, current, and upcoming planning processes, rezonings, and development projects across the borough, it became clear that a prioritization process was necessary to focus the group’s energy and resources. To prioritize and track a key set of projects across the Bronx, the group developed a set of criteria rooted in the following: the project has the potential for broad impact on the Bronx given the scale of the project; it can be precedent-setting if it responds to community interests; and it is within the power of the Roundtable members to coordinate or impact its activities and direction with other stakeholders. Using this set of criteria as filters, the Roundtable narrowed down a comprehensive list to seven priority projects. Building on the prioritized projects, the goal set out for the Roundtable in 2018, and the core strategies identified (community ownership of assets, permanent affordability through housing and jobs, and participatory community planning), the group then aligned on a set of key activities to collectively advance in the next year. Even with the prioritized projects and core activities, new projects and threats to the Bronx are revealed on a daily basis that we must contend with. The prioritization and alignment processes have been critical in keeping the Roundtable members in the space of fighting forward and longer term planning, rather than getting bogged down in the daily fires.