While our vision is large in scale, it is crucial to remember the organizers’ principle to “meet people where they’re at.” Coordination means starting from where people on the ground are engaged and active currently, sharing these experiences, and facilitating opportunities to collaborate on efforts across neighborhoods, scales, and organizations.


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Key questions and considerations for coordinating

  • What is the existing level of coordination among major activities happening in your community? Are there duplicative efforts?
  • Are there existing efforts that would be more strategic or impactful if there was collaboration?
  • Are there efforts that are currently in siloes that would benefit from participating in or coordinating around a larger conversation, campaign, process?
  • What would greater coordination allow you to do more effectively or powerfully?
  • What assets exist in your area that can be reoriented to advance your goals or broader vision? Who has the power or influence to shift or coordinate your assets?
  • Are there tensions within communities that might be resolved through relationship-building and dialogue?

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