All-purpose Strategic Mapping Tool

Early on, the Roundtable set a goal to develop an all-purpose strategic interactive online mapping tool - One Big Map for Development without Displacement. The Roundtable envisioned a tool that would build their organizations’ capacity for a wide variety of data and analysis to strategize and envision equitable development. With this lot-level, cloud-based tool, users can easily customize filters and visualization, calculate aggregations and averages at multiple levels of analysis, and find fine-grain property data for every parcel in the Bronx. We started with a data brainstorm, using these variables to generate a database with over 240 variables, including 85 that were calculated through custom analysis. As a reflection of our framework, the tool integrates two types of data: Fight Back and Fight Forward. The Fight Forward data includes transactions and zoning, giving the user the power of information that for-profit real estate developers might use for site selection and market analysis. The Fight Back data includes demographics, economic development, and housing quality to reveal speculation, predatory landlords, counter-productive City policies, and trends of neighborhood change.